ola, my name is blanca and i am a proud, queer daughter of mexican immigrants. 

i come from a lineage of storytellers, mujeres en lucha, educators and of those that hold space for dreams. my offerings are made from small batches from gardens, trades, or leftover trail trimmings from my work at a nature preserve. after an almost 8 year cycle in the pacific northwest, i am now living in the land that raised me, on cahuilla & serrano territories.

my intention with this work is to provide affordable plant medicine & items for community. i welcome donations to my practice so that from time to time i can provide free medicine to those that may not have the funds to purchase said medicine but would greatly benefit from having them. if you identify as a cis-hetero male ally, please consider sending donations to my venmo: @huixolita or paypal: bstaceyv@gmail.com

if you are interested in booking me for workshops, talks, consultations or performances please visit www.huixolita.com

thank you for reading & for supporting queer femmes of color